One thing I've learned is to always believe in what you bring. Stay focused on your own goals as they aren't the same as anyone else's.

Dubbed as one of South East London’s most promising new artists, Brixton born Yiigaa is our latest guest in our 'Gets To Know' series. We chat music inspirations, how it feels to have her own music receive radio plays and the journey of her latest track ‘Up’ featuring KiLLOWEN. 

Featuring: Yiigaa, Photographer: Ben McQuaide, MUA: Eliza ClarkeStyling: Joshua Meredith, Clothing: Fendi.

Hey Yiigaa, how have you been?

I’m good thanks! It’s taken a while to feel this confident and settled. I feel really good about the music I’m making and I’m excited for what the world has to offer! I’m trying to see it as things I have to look forward too rather than things I haven’t achieved!

Where did your love for music come from? Who inspired you to take this route?

My music started from a place of pain, I was 16 and at a really low point. It became a therapy to me and helped me out of a dark place. Now I make music to make people feel elevated and happy. Music is such a powerful tool!

Which music genres did you listen to growing up and would you say this influenced your music now?

Honestly I’ve never not listened to something based on genre. My mum loves Reggae, Punk, traditional African music & world music in general. My Dad is an Ivorian musician too so that also! Growing up in South I listened to a lot of UK rap, R&B, Garage, House honestly everything. That’s why I love genre blending so much as it’s always a challenge and I wanna fit all my fav things in there!

Featuring: Yiigaa, Photographer: Ben McQuaide, MUA: Eliza ClarkeStyling: Joshua Meredith, Clothing: Vintage Racer Jacket.

You have had support from Jack Saunders at Radio 1 and Sian Anderson at Radio 1xtra which is amazing! What is the most important thing you’ve learned about yourself as a solo artist?

One thing I’ve learned is to always believe in what you bring. Stay focused on your own goals as they aren’t the same as anyone else’s. Believe what you bring to an industry is needed and valid, focus on making the music you need from the world and lift as you rise!

You were recently interviewed by Jeremiah Asiamah on 1Xtra, who dubbed you as as an absolute star in the UK music scene that is destined to be playing arena shows! What is next for you and what else is on your goals for 2021?

Ah yes I am very grateful for his support! Moving forward from here is just focus, focus on myself making sure I’m the best artist I can be, challenging myself to push musical boundaries and staying consistent with my art. I have a lot more to come that’s for sure!! Combining my love of acting with my music videos is defo something I’m excited for.

Featuring: Yiigaa, Photographer: Ben McQuaide, MUA: Eliza ClarkeStyling: Joshua Meredith, Clothing: Fendi.

You have recently released your latest track ‘Up’ featuring KiLLOWEN along with a music video. The visuals in the music video are sick! Can you tell us a bit about the creative process behind the video?

Thank you! We basically filmed over carnival weekend, I wanted to pick up the various energies of London and the beautiful people and vibes that it has to offer. I didn’t want to focus too much on a narrative as the song is just meant to set a pure and bubbly energy without force. So by making carefree visuals that was the mindset behind it.

Featuring: KiLLOWENYiigaa, Photographer: Ben McQuaide, MUA: Eliza ClarkeStyling: Joshua Meredith, Clothing: Vintage Racer Jacket, D&G, Versace.

Hey Owen, can you tell us a bit about the collab, how did it come about and what is next for you as an artist?

Hey! This collab was a song that came from a session between me & Yiigaa, and her producer We really hit a vibe and got to work on the song quite quickly. After I laid down some guitar parts, Yiigaa put down some melody ideas and J got to work on the beat and we could tell it was gonna bang straight away! This all came about after we had collaborated on other tunes like “Signs” and “Bamboo”, both which were produced by p-rallel. As for me, you can expect new music very soon! I’ve been working really hard in the studio pushing my sound to some different levels so I’m really excited to show you guys when the times right. Can’t say too much right now but you’ll definitely get to hear it sooner than you think.

What has been your stand out moment in your musical journey so far?

That’s a tough one because there’s been so many experiences that I hold quite close to my heart on my journey. Especially this year; getting my first radio 1 play was probably one of the highlights, but also in past years opening for Connie Constance at the 100 Club or playing Southbank Centre with BBC Introducing. I have to say though my favourite part of this whole thing is just dropping music that I love and seeing other people love it too… that’s what I do this for.


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