Moving forward from here is just focus, focus on myself making sure I’m the best artist I can be, challenging myself to push musical boundaries and staying consistent with my art.

Vibrant and glowing are just two words to describe one of the freshest talents to hit the UK dance music scene. After her recent release featuring on Example's DEEP, 'Made in Brazil, shipped to London' Nonô, spills on her move to the UK to further her music career, music influences and her Ibiza debut. 

Featuring: Nonô, Photographer: Ben McQuaide, Clothing: Versace & Racing Jacket.

Hey Nonô, you’re from Brazil and now living in London right? How did the move to London happen and how have you settled into London life?

Sim, Brazilian in London. Back home I had already started in the music industry from when I was 16 but when I was 18 I realised I wanted my music to reach more people and wanted it to travel the world. I will admit the first year in London was very lonely and COLD but now I’m happy that I’ve finally settled in. Making music, making friends, discovering new places and
learning the culture really makes me feel like this city is my home.

Is life here in London different from life in Brazil? What influenced you into a career in music growing up in Rio de Janeiro?

I think life here is very different — people in London can be quite closed off and reserved whereas in Brazil it feels like you know everyone, the weather also makes a huge difference. I would say what influenced me was just the music itself plus the fact that my mom has always been a music aficionado. Also, I think that a very important moment that made me want to do it full time was when I saw Jennifer Hudson singing “And I Am Telling You”, on Dreamgirls, and thought to myself: “ I can do that” (bold young Nonô haha).

Featuring: Nonô, Photographer: Ben McQuaide, Clothing: Versace & Tommy Hilfiger.

Who did you listen to growing up and has this influenced your sound today?

I have a very big range of music influences because I grew up in a house with 9 people. I’m very grateful that my family members all had a very eclectic musical taste and I can say that listening to Tim Maia, Beyoncé, Eminem, Chet Baker, Pink, David Guetta and etc made my music what it is today. 

We have seen tonnes of behind the scenes footage on your socials of you performing alongside Example at festivals, how do you prepare for that?

Ah yes I am very grateful for his support! Moving forward from here is just focus, focus on myself making sure I’m the best artist I can be, challenging myself to push musical boundaries and staying consistent with my art. I have a lot more to come that’s for sure!! Combining my love of acting with my music videos is defo something I’m excited for.

Featuring: Nonô, Photographer: Ben McQuaide, Clothing: Adidas.

You also work alongside Majestic, how did you both meet and how was your first trip to Ibiza?

Majestic was also supporting Example on tour so we met and got really close then. We also have a track together called ’Time To Groove’ which is an absolute blast and it’s also why Maj invited me to join him on stage during his residency at Ibiza Rocks. I loved going to Ibiza, just felt like a dance world paradise. 

We’ve seen you collaborate with many artists so early in your career already, who is your dream artist to work with?

I’ve got a couple of dream artists that I’d love to work with like Calvin Harris, Doja Cat, Rosalia, Pharell, Diplo, David Guetta and etc…

Featuring: Nonô, Photographer: Ben McQuaide, Clothing: Versace & Racing Jacket.

Who’s your favourite dance music artist? One from the UK and one from Brazil.

I think I would have to say Calvin Harris and from Brazil it has to be my friend, Alok. 

What can fans expect from you in the rest of 2022?

Lots more music — I’m planning a couple of my own releases for this year plus a few more shows around the UK along with the festivals I’m joining with Example throughout June, July and August!

Featuring: Nonô, Photographer: Ben McQuaide, Clothing: Adidas.


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