"After learning how to play the guitar after months of watching YouTube tutorials, my dad started to take me out to sing my songs I had written at open mic nights in the local town."

Meet the latest rising alt-pop star Issey Cross. The London-based singer-songwriter has already created her own unique sound after her debut single release in January of this year, 'Who', followed by her first EP release, 'Mirrors Don't Lie'. Today, Issey continues to blossom as she releases her new single 'Tired Of Everybody'. We caught up with the artist to chat dream collaborators, fashion and her musical journey so far. Get to know, below!

Hey Issey, for people who are not familiar with your journey so far, could you talk us through a little bit more about your introduction to music and what you were listening to growing up?

I started songwriting about the age of 12 when my dad bought be a guitar for my birthday. My parents have always been really into music and have always been very supportive and encouraging, so after learning how to play the guitar after months of watching YouTube tutorials, my dad started to take me out to sing my songs I had written at open mic nights in the local town. I absolutely loved playing live and realised it was what I wanted to do straight away! I grew up listening to a lot of guitar based music such as bands like the Kaiser Chiefs and singers like Amy Winehouse as well and many other artists.
Featuring: Issey Cross, Photographer: Ben McQuaide, MUA: Eliza Clarke, Clothing: Stone Island.

Are there any particular artists who inspired you from a young age and how have they influenced your musical development?

Definitely! I think Amy Winehouse for the way that she was not afraid to say what she wanted to say in her songs or to stand out and on the other hand I would have to say Lorde as I've always loved the way she writes her lyrics so poetically and loved the production of her songs which when it was first released was very different to anyone else around that time. 

How did the move to London impact your output in music?

When I was living at home back in Kent and writing in my bedroom, I found that everything I wrote was very singer songwriter/folky based and I think I found it hard to get out of my comfort zone as back then I didn’t know how to record or how to use Ableton. However, moving to London really took me out my comfort zone as I started working with a lot of different producers and started listening to new music which I never would’ve known about before. I think this lead me to the sound I have now and to know who want to be as an artist.
Featuring: Issey Cross, Photographer: Ben McQuaide, MUA: Eliza Clarke, Clothing: Moschino.

Who are your dream collaborators?

I would have to say Doja Cat, Ashnikko, Post Malone and The Weeknd!

What does your personal style and aesthetic say about you and how does it fit in with your music?

My style is quite bright and I love clashing colours, however, I like to mix this with wearing dark eyeliner and chunky boots! I think my style is bright yet punky and a bit emo-ish haha. I think my style fits with my music as some of my lyrics are quite bold and in your face which is like the bright clashing colours and then the emo/punky side is like the meaning behind the songs. I like to write moody songs!

What are you looking forward to the most in 2021 now that we are hoping to see live music come back for good?

I'm really looking forward to being able to do some live shows and building a greater connection with the people that listen to my music. 
Featuring: Issey Cross, Photographer: Ben McQuaide, MUA: Eliza Clarke, Clothing: Stone Island.


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