"When I write music it has to feel very natural and true to myself. The same applies for what I wear."

We caught up with London-based singer-songwriter and actor Georgia Lowe AKA GLOWE, our first guest in our new online Interview series. Speaking exclusively to 97th Vintage, GLOWE discusses new music, her inspiration behind her wardrobe choices and where to find her playing live after lockdown. 

Hey Georgia, can you tell us what you do and where you're from?

Hey! So my name is Georgia Lowe (Glowe) and I'm a singer/songwriter and actress based in North West London.

Who influenced you to pursue a career in music?

I was inspired by my Dad from a young age. He’s an actor, writer and comedian so I’ve always been surrounded by creativity at home. I've watched him navigate a career in the arts and he’s taught me that it won’t always be plain sailing. My family are so supportive of me. I think their positivity and nurturing approach at home is what gave me the confidence to turn a hobby into a career.

Featuring: GLOWE, Photographer: Ben McQuaide, MUA: Laura Kate, Clothing: Fendi & MCM 

What's your favourite part of the creative process when writing new music?

I love collaborating with others when creating music. I am at my happiest when I’m in the studio writing with my friends. Linking up with my favourite people to write with is therapeutic. It makes me feel so free and empowered that my ideas are heard and appreciated. There is no better feeling than when everyone in the session is proud and excited about what you’re creating.

You recorded a live track at Metropolis Studios with Neil Cowley, how was that experience?

I love working with Neil. He’s a wonderful and talented person. The song we recorded live is called ‘Bitter’ and we wrote it on the first day we met. It was amazing to record it live at such an iconic studio. Performing is something I’ve missed so much this past year, so getting to do this live felt like normality was returning a little.

Featuring: GLOWEPhotographer: Ben McQuaide, MUA: Laura Kate, Clothing: Stone Island & Fendi.

Why do you think music and fashion fit so naturally?

I think they are both a form of self expression. When I write music it has to feel very natural and true to myself. The same applies for what I wear. I hate going out in an outfit I don’t love or feel myself in, it really affects my mood.

How would you describe your fashion style and who influences your style?

My style is probably cute with a touch of cheeky. I love colourful clothes, particularly pastel colours. Trainers are a big one for me, I always look at someone's shoes before anything else about their appearance! I think my girls influence my style. Because I live with two of my best friends, we all share wardrobes. I love swapping clothes with them and getting their opinion on outfits.

Featuring: GLOWE, Photographer: Ben McQuaide, MUA: Laura Kate, Clothing: Iceberg, MCM & Fendi.

You also do acting, how do you manage to balance that as well as being an artist?

I think (like most other people who are self employed) I find it hard to switch off from work. I love my job so much but because I’m so obsessed with it I can take on too much at once. I love being busy though so I rarely complain. I’ve asked producers to test me on my lines for an audition during sessions before, so I do a bit of multitasking!

Tell us a bit about what you have planned for the rest of the year?

I’m currently working on LOTS of new music. I’ve not released anything this year yet but I’ve been using the time to really craft out my sound ready for the next releases. I've almost sold out my headline show at Notting Hill Arts and I’ve got another show in Reading about to go on sale. I’m really excited to get back to performing as soon as possible.

Featuring: GLOWE, Photographer: Ben McQuaide, MUA: Laura Kate, Clothing: Stone Island


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